Recent studies have shown that simply testing a liner can
significantly reduce the number of leaks in a liner system.
Which is why so many regulators, consultants and engineers
these days are requiring liner integrity testing in the final
stage of their projects

This is why the testing professionals at Geotechnics are so
committed to liner integrity testing. It’s a comprehensive
electronic evaluation designed to identify a quality issue
before it becomes a major issue. Whether a liner is covered
by liquid, soil or sand, or exposed to the elements, our team
can pinpoint holes of 0.5 mm in the geomembrane.

Because we’re an independent laboratory at our very core,
we easily work with engineering firms, consultants,
contractors and reegulators. The reason we’re such a good
fit is simple: we’re relentlessly focused on providing the most
reliable data possible.

This service is a smart way to ensure your liner’s
integrity, from the full-service, independent lab that
consistently brings you integrity in testing.