For more than twenty years, projects around the world have been
built on the proven professionals and reliable results of Geotechnics.

Our Geotechnical laboratories are equipped to handle any testing need,
no matter the size or scope.  From a few samples with basic classification
tests to several hundred samples with a complex series of
characterization, compaction, consolidation, strength and permeability
tests.  Our extensive facilities mean we can perform a myriad of tests
simultaneously on samples of any size.

Our geotechnical laboratories are home to some of the most comprehensive
test equipment in the country.

What’s more, our responsive, experienced staff can help you determine
the best methodologies for whatever your project demands.  From the
most unique testing procedures to the most ambitious construction
schedules, our goal is to ensure that you have what matters most. 
Thoroughly accurate testing.

• Water Content
• Sieve Analysis
• Hydrometer Analysis
• Atterberg Limits
• Shrinkage Limit
• Specific Gravity
• Loss On Ignition
• Soil Fertility

Density Tests
• Standard Proctor
• Modified Proctor
• Relative Density
• Minimum Density
• Bulk Density Of Shelby Tubes


• 3″-4″ Diameter Flex Wall
• Pin Hole Dispersion
• 12″ Inch Flex Wall Permeability
• 4-12″ Diameter Rigid Wall

Strength Testing

• California Bearing Ratio
• Unconfined Compression
• Peak Direct Shear
• Residual Direct Shear
• Peak Direct Shear (12″ Shear Box)
• Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial

Consolidation & Swell Potential
• One Dimensional Consolidation
• Expansion of Soils

Corrositivity Testing
• Minimum Resistivity
• Soil Chlorides
• Soil Sulfates
• Soil ph for Corrosion Testing

Concrete, Rock,
and Grout Testing

• Point Load
• Unconfined Compression
• Soundness, 5 Cycles
• Slake Durability, 2 Cycles
• Unconfined Compression
• Durability of Rock by Freeze Thaw
• Unconfined Compression