For twenty years, our geosynthetic laboratory has helpeed clients
around the world with the most important element of developing,
refining and using geosyntehtic materials.  Absolutely reliable testing.

Accredited by GAI-LAP for more than sixty tests, our geosynthetic
laboratory is equipped to handle the most demanding project
schedules. And to ensure absolute accuracy we’ve developed
equipment and fixtures that maximize precision. In fact, over the
years, we’ve been involved in setting the standards that are part
of the industry today.

Our staff, some of the most experienced people in the geosynthetics
industry, has been involved in the design and test phases of hundreds
of geosynthetic materials.  And, as an independent laboratory, we’re
honored to have been involved with some excellent clients and

• Peel and Shear
• Thickness & Asperity
• Density
• Melt Flow Index
• Carbon BLack Content
• Carbon Black Dispersion
• Tear & Puncture Resistance
• Tensile Properties
• Dimensional Stability
• Constant Load
   (Single Point Test)

And Geocomposites

• Mass per Unit Area
• Thickness
• Density
• Melt Index
• Carbon Black Content
• Strip Tensile
• Transmissivity
• Compression Behavior
• Ply Adhesion

• Mass per Unit Area
• Thickness
• Grab Strength
• Trapezoidal Tear
• Puncture Resistance
• Mullen Burst
• Permittivity
• Apparent Opening Size (AOS)
• Wide Width, Typical Nonwovens
• CBR Puncture

• Aperture Size
• Density
• Melt Index
• Carbon Black Content
• Carbon Black Dispersion
• Rib & Junction Strength
• Wide Width

Geosynthetic Clay Liners
• Bentonite Mass per Unit Area
• Tensile
• Peel Strength
• Swell Index
• Internal Shear
• Index Flux or Permeability

Interface Friction By Direct Shear

• Geosynthetic to Geosynthetic
• Geosynthetic to Soils
• Geosynthetic to GCL’s
• GCL to Soils