Mechanically stabilized earth

Can a sandcastle hold up a car?

How do geotechnical engineers increase the confining pressure of a soil so that it doesn’t have to take up so much space or require as much material?

Reinforcing elements act the same way as rebar does in concrete to produce a much stronger composite material called mechanically stabilized earth (MSE).

KDKA, Westinghouse, and Geotechnics, Inc.

Geotechnics, Inc. is located in East Pittsburgh, PA.On November 2, 1920 KDKA made the first commercial radio broadcast in the United States from East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Westinghouse was a leading manufacturer of radios and was interested in finding a way to increase sales so they built a makeshift station that would provide regular programming. Broadcasting began on Election Day by providing the results of the presidential election between Warren G. Harding and James M. Cox.

This famous broadcast took place only feet from where Geotechnics, Inc. is located today so it is only fitting that we begin broadcasting on social media by commemorating this historic event.

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