The Geosynthetic Accreditation Institute-Laboratory Accreditation
Program (GAI-LAP) is a test-by-test accreditation program based
on site audits and annual proficiency tests. The program is
intended to insure that the specific laboratory is capable of
properly rendering the tests that they contract to perform.
The essence of the program is to accredit geosynthetic testing
laboratories for performing consensus standardized test methods
insofar as equipment, documentation and testing protocol is concerned. 


ASTM D374 – Thickness
ASTM D413 – Adhesion
ASTM D570 – Water Absorption
ASTM D638 – Geomembrane Tensile
ASTM D751 – Thickness
ASTM D751 – Tongue Tear
ASTM D751 – Grab
ASTM D751 – Seam Strength
ASTM D792 – Specific Gravity
ASTM D882 – Strip Tensile
ASTM D1004 – 90 Tear
ASTM D1203 – Volatile Loss
ASTM D1204 – Dimensional Change
ASTM D1238 – Melt FLow
ASTM D1505 – Density Gradient
ASTM D1593 – PVC Thickness
ASTM D1603 – Carbon Black Content (Tube)
ASTM D1693 – S.C. Bent Strip
ASTM D1777 – Textile THickness
ASTM D2240 – Durometer
ASTM D3015 – Carbon Black Dispersion
ASTM D3083 – Soil Burial
ASTM D3083 – Water Extraction
ASTM D3083 – Seam Strength
ASTM D3776 – Mass/Unit Area
ASTM D3786 – Mullen Burst
ASTM D4218 – Carbon Black Content (Muffle)
ASTM D4437 – Field Peel Shear
ASTM D4491 – Permittivity
ASTM D4533 – Trap Tear
ASTM D4545 – Factory Peel & Shear
ASTM D4595 – Geotextile Wide Width
ASTM D4632 – Geotextile Grab


ASTM D4716 – Transmissivity
ASTM D4751 – A.O.S.
ASTM D4833 – Index Puncture
ASTM D4884 – Geotextile Sewn Seam
ASTM D4885 – GM Wide Width Tensile
ASTM D5035 – Strip Tensile
ASTM D5101 – Gradient Ratio
ASTM D5199 – Thickness
ASTM D5261 – Mass/Unit Area
ASTM D5321 – Direct SHear
ASTM D5322 – 9090 Immersion
ASTM D5323 – 2% Secant Modulus
ASTM D5397 – NCTL Stress Crack
ASTM D5596 – CB Dispersion
ASTM D5747 – 9090 Incubation
ASTM D5884 – R-GM Tear
ASTM D5887 – GCL Flux
ASTM D5890 – GCL Swell
ASTM D5891 – GCL Fluid Loss
ASTM D5993 – GCL Mass
ASTM D5994 – Textured GM Thickness
ASTM D6214 – Chemical Peel & Shear
ASTM D6241 – CBR Puncture
ASTM D6243 – GCL Direct Shear
ASTM D6496 – GCL Direct Shear
ASTM D6392 – Shear Peel
ASTM F904 – Ply Bond Strength
FTM 101C – Geomembrane Puncture (2065)
GRI GG1 – GG Rib Strength
GRI GG2 – GG Junction Strength
GRI GM12 – GM Asperity Height
GRI GC7 – GC Adhesion