Over the years, we’ve provided construction observation
services for foundations, fill placement and caisson
inspections, as well as observation services for soil/lime
stabilization on highway projects, including thorough
documentation.  We’ve also documented subsurface drilling
exploration programs and performed observation services
for the installation of synthetic liner systems utilizing
geomembranes, geotextiles, geogrids and GCL materials.

Because we’re an independent laboratory at our very core,
we’re in a unique position to help engineers through the
design process and contractors through the building
process.  So the end result is based on the strongest
foundation.  Meticulously accurage data.

Field Services
• Construction Observation & Documentation
• In-Place Density Testing
• Gas Collection Systems
• Drainage Systems
• Synthetic Liner Systems
• Soil Stabilization
• Slurry Walls
• Trench Backfilling