The performance of a dam is based on smart
engineering and accurate testing. And throughout the
country, many projects have depended on the rigorous
testing methodologies of Geotechnics, both in the lab
and in the field. From classification and strength testing
of site conditions to conformance testing on
geomembranes, our experienced staff has provided that
which today’s engieners rely on most. Precisely accurate
information in every step of the process.

Saluda Dam
– South Carolina
Winner of ACSE’s 2006 Outstanding Civil
Engineering Achievement Award(OCEA)

Braddock Lock & Dam
– Pennsylvania
Winner of the American Society of Civil
Engineers, Pittsburgh Section, Pittsburgh Civil
Engineering, Achievement Award in 2005
Finalist for the ASCE’s 2004 Outstanding Civil
Engineering Achievement Award (OCEA)
Winner of the 2002 Engineers’ Society of
Western Pennsylvania (ESWP) Project of the Year Award