The American Association of State Highway and Transportation
Officials (AASHTO) established the AASHTO Accreditation
Program (AAP) in 1998. The objective of AAP is to provide a
mechanism for formally recognizing the competency of testing
laboratories to perform specific tests. The AAP utilizes both
laboratory assesment and proficiency sample services
provided by the AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL).

Geotechnics has participated in the AMRL laboratory assesment
and proficiency sample programs for soil and aggregates every year since 1996.

Aggregate: accredited since 9/1/1998
T27 T85 – C29 C40 C117 C127 C128 C131 C136 C566 C702

Soil: accredited since 8/1/1996
T88 T89 T90 T99 T100 T180 T193 T208 T215 T216 T236 T2655 T296 T297 – D422 D698 D854
D1557 D1883 D2166 D2216 D2434 D2435 D2850 D3080 D3740 D4318 D4767 D5084

Portland Cement Concrete: accredited since 1/25/2007
C31 (Cylinders) C39 C138 C143 C172 C231 C617 C1064 C1077 C1231